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Antenatal Clinics

The first appointment to confirm pregnancy will be with the doctor at an appointment during a normal surgery. Having made a referral to the hospital for your delivery, you will also be referred to our antenatal clinic.

Antenatal clinics are held every Wednesday morning. These are run by the community midwives, who provide care before and after childbirth. The doctors are available if required.

If planning for a pregnancy, we would ask you to remember three important points:

  • Before considering a pregnancy, every woman should be certain that they are immune to Rubella or German Measles. This requires a simple blood test. Ask for details in the treatment room. This could prevent serious malformations in your baby.
  • A simple folic acid tablet reduces the risk of Spina bifida and brain problems in your baby. This should be taken ideally before conception and until you are fourteen weeks pregnant.  Smoking and alcohol damages your baby's development.



If you get pregnant you should get vaccinated to protect your baby.  The vaccine should be given between 28 - 38 weeks (inclusive) of pregnancy and probably between 28 to 32 weeks.  If not given in this period, vaccination can be given up to delivery.  You can always discuss any queries you have with your midwife.  Please ask for a leaflet.

Child Development and Immunisation Clinics

injectionThis clinic is held every Tuesday morning. The doctors examine babies when they are eight weeks old. The practice nurse and treatment room nurse will give the vaccinations

 Health visitors can be contacted by leaving a message on their answering machine (028 8773 8936). Their role has now changed where most of their contact with you and your children will happen in the home. This will give you an opportunity to discuss feeding issues, your children's growth and development in the comfort of your own home.


Minor Surgery

xrayOur doctors perform minor operations. Suitable conditions include in-growing toenails, simple cysts, skin tags and joint injections.

Please make an appointment with the doctor for an initial diagnosis and assessment.

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